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  5. "Mice are animals."

"Mice are animals."

Translation:Is ainmhithe iad lucha.

September 3, 2014



But..but..but...the previous sentence was "Is ainmhithe capaill." I don't understand.


Why is there a pronoun in this sentence? Is it not acceptable to use the copula just to equate two nouns, so "Is lucha ainmhithe"? Does there always have to be a subject pronoun for the subject of a sentence with the copula "is"?


for what I've understood the pronoun is integral part of the copula: "Is <subject complement> mé/tù/sé/sì/muid/sibh/siad " is like a conjungation in Standard Irish: you can't replace the pronoun. So the logical subjec comes after the pronoun.
There's a complete explanation with several examples: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4300985

For a comparison between English Copula and most of other copula structures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copula_(linguistics)#Irish


There are two major divisions of Irish copular statements: those which identify, and those which classify. The two types are structured differently, depending upon the particular type of subject and the particular type of complement. The “complete explanation” page discusses only a classification statement with a definite subject (i.e. a “The X is a Y” statement); for a truly complete explanation of the several varieties, see here.

This sentence is a classificational statement with an indefinite subject (i.e. a “An X is a Y” statement), and thus does not require a pronomial sub-subject; the iad in the suggested translation is superfluous.


I said "is ainmhí lucha" .... ugh, back to the drawing board


I don't get the difference between mice and ducks. Well, obviously I do in English! But in Irish I can't tell them apart.


I remember the difference between luch (mouse) and lacha (duck) by the fact that ducks make a sort of "haha" sound when they quack. Therefor, it's the word that has the 'a' in it.

  • An luch - the mouse
  • Na lucha - the mice
  • An lacha - the duck
  • Na lachan - the ducks


*na lachain - the ducks, nominative plural; lachan is genitive singular and genitive plural, according to https://www.teanglann.ie/en/gram/lacha


"Iad" seems redundant....I'm not complaining, just trying to figure out the grammar.


Hi, unfortunately most links for this thread are dead here in the app. I'm unsure whether you agree that "iad" is not required in this translation? I deliberately omitted it in this practice ("is ainmhithe lucha" ) and was also marked wrong.


"not redundant" means that it is performing a needed function and can't be left out.


I wasn't sure whether "it's not redundant in Irish" was meant generally or specific to this exercise particularly since another seemingly very knowledgeable contributor is strongly arguing that it isn't required here and you didn't appear to have contradicted his assertion. Thanks for the quick reply.


I always want to write "is ainmhithe lucha iad".

What am I getting wrong? Why is iad after lucha?


This sentence does not need iad at all.


It's still marked wrong without ”iad”.


'Is ainmhithe lucha iad' was marked incorrect. Why does the 'iad' have to come between the words 'ainmhithe' and 'lucha'? Am I saying something different ,or is it simply incorrect altogether ?


It is simply incorrect altogether.


Why is it 'iad' instead of 'siad'?


, and siad are only used as the subject of an active verb and adjacent to that verb. They are not used with the copula.

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