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  5. "Studiet er vigtigt."

"Studiet er vigtigt."

Translation:The study is important.

September 3, 2014



Is it not also possible to translate ¨studiet¨ as ¨studying¨ in this sentence? It seems more natural than ¨the study¨ in this case. Or is the sentence supposed to be about a fancy room where someone studies?


The only way i can make sense of this translation in English would be if it refers to a specific scientific study eg "The study [into cell division] was important"


The sentence is either referring to a (scientific) study about some subject, or the education that a university student is undertaking, however you would translate that in English. Well, probably "studying".


according to wikitionary it's a noun so it would be the room.


'Study' is also a noun in the sense of studying (e.g. 'her studies') and in the research paper sense. Which one does 'studiet' mean?


A study can be also be room or building. Sometimes people will say "I'll be in my study." as in a room usually with books or an office.


Yes, I know. 'Study' has several related meanings, and I'm just wondering which of them is intended here.

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I think I'd be more tempted to use "kontor" for the room, studie would be used for a study conducted by someone (such as a scientific study) or a school (or more likely university) course, e.g.
A: Hvilket studie er du på?
B: Jeg læser til lærer


If this refers to study, the act of learning rather than study, the room, the sentence is not translated as an English person would speak unless study is qualified e.g. 'the study of astrophysics is important'. To comment about learning in general one might say 'Studying is important'.


No. A lot of words ending on '-um' kick that ending out when being put in a different form. See 'museet' or 'centret'/'centrummet'.


To those who speak German, think of "et studium" as "das Studium."


The English doesn't make sense - unless it means the room

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