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"She turned the key and the door opened."

Translation:Chas sí an eochair agus d'oscail an doras.

September 3, 2014



When they give you three choices I knew "Chas sí an eochair agus d'oscail an doras" was correct but another option was "Chas sí an eochair is d'oscail an doras". Earlier it was said that "agus" can be shortened to "is". Would the second one also be correct here or is shortening "agus" a situational thing?


Advice please on when the 't-' prefix applies and when not, thanks


Masculine nouns that start with a vowel get a t-prefix after the singular definite article an in the nominative case.


Can a door open itself like this in Irish grammar? I figured this would have to be an autonomous form saying "the door was opened."


It’s correct with an intransitive active voice use of oscail, corresponding to the English sentence’s usage. If the English sentence had used the passive voice “the door was opened” (i.e. by an unidentified opener), then the autonomous form would have been the correct choice.

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