ss vs. ç

Ok. So I am already a Spanish speaker and in Spanish, all words are very phonetic. Though in Portuguese, I never know whether to know whether to write a "ç" or a "ss" when I want to make a standard Spanish "s" sound. When it starts or ends a word, I know you always use the letter "s" alone, but when it is somewhere in inbetween, I have no clue. This is especially annoying when I am trying to convert my Spanish vocab to Portuguese and I can't decide whether to write "ss" or "ç" in words like opción in Spanish should convert to opção or opssão because I have seen both variations on Spanish "ción" words. Thanks duolingo community!!

May 28, 2013


Dont be bored at it! Brazilian people always confuse that once they have the same sound. Look at this: cessão, sessão, seção. Same sound!!! But three different meanings! You just know by the context and you learn how to write correctly by the usage ;)

Hi, Lawrence. Unfortunately you have to memorize the spelling - there's no way around it. Once you see a word, make a note of how it's spelled and next time you'll know. It seems that there are more exceptions than rules in Brazilian Portuguese spelling, and yet, these rules were recently changed, so don't feel bad. Reading and writing a new word a great way to familiarize yourself with spelling. Good luck :)

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