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"Lui vuole dimostrare che si può fare."

Translation:He wants to demonstrate that it can be done.

May 28, 2013



I put "he wants to demonstrate that he can do it" and was marked wrong - am I wrong - the answer suggested "we can do it" as an alternative - how does it get "we"??


I made the same mistake. I suppose that we can read the sentence that way : "Lui vuole dimostrare che esso si può fare" which would explain the answer : "that it can be done". I assume that if it can be done, then we can do it. Tricky one :)


Also, if we had to translate "He wants to demonstrate that he can do it", then we would say "Vuole dimostrare che può fare".


that's just a guess btw. We still need a confirmation from someone who really knows.


Can one of you tell me why not "He wants to demonstrate he can do it"?


Sorry, i did not mean to leave "that" out. I was referring to the "he" vs. "it" or "you" which were shown to be accepted.


The subject of "si può fare " is not a person, it means that an action is possible. You can translate "he can do it" as "può farlo" or "può farcela".


I translated "si può fare" as "one can do". I don't know how to express the impersonality in English...( among more other things lol ).


My answer was "he wants to demonstrate what you can do" and it was accepted as well. "si" is still confusing me.

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