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"Eu vou" vs "Eu voo"

Is there any pronunciation difference between "vou" and "voo" in Portuguese? If so, how is it different? If not, how can one differentiate, as context clues will not be overly useful. The difference in context in "I go/fly to California" or "Eu vou/voo à California" is virtually nonexistent most of the time. Thanks!!

May 28, 2013



Vou you say as just a piece of word (one syllable) /vou/. Voo you pronounce like two: /vo-ú/


"Voo" sound is longer than "Vou".

But you should be fine with just paying attention to the context since nobody really says "Eu voo à California", you'd say "Vou à California" instead.


Just like fiwipa said

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