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Introducing SergioRuido, the new community moderator to the English from Ukrainian forum!

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Today, I'd like to introduce SergioRuido to the forum as volunteer community moderator. SergioRuido is also a contributor in the Incubator and is helping improve the English from Ukrainian course and creating the Ukrainian from English course.

Let's give SergioRuido a warm welcome!

September 3, 2014

6 коментарів


Congratulations! Thanks so much :)


Congratulations SergioRuido!! And also thank you for the time and effort you are putting into building the course.

Tip from one forum mod to another: never moderate when youre frustrated and always mod with a big heart :)


Congratulations! Welcome SergioRuido!


Congratulations! and Дякую for your help so far!


Welcome SergioRuido! :)

Вивчайте англійську мову, приділяючи цьому лише 5 хвилин на день. Безкоштовно.