"Non mi piace questo orologio."

Translation:I do not like this watch.

May 28, 2013

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Is "non mi piace quest'orologio" incorrect?


I think "quest'orogolio" should be the correct answer, and questo orologio is not OK. Anyone to confirm?


quest'orologio is right but Questo orologio Is definitely OK


Duo considers the ellision to be wrong as of 7/24/18. I'll report it.


My educated italian friend said both are correct.


My educated italian friend said it is correct.


Quest'orologio marked wrong :/ Is there any special rule where it's allowed to put apostrophe between questo and a noun starting on vowel which Duo concerns?


Why "dislike" is incorrect?


Still incorrect five years later. I know not why.


July 2019 and duolingo still marks you down if you write 'quest'orologio'. Checked with Treccani, and they say that EITHER 'questo orologio' or 'quest' orologio' non è sbagliato.


Same in January 2022


Google says "Questo orologio" too. In another sentence is this section, DL wrote "quest'orologio da tasca ha piu di settant'anni"....I will ask my Italian teacher.....


"I don't like this watch myself" isn't correct?


yes, it isn't. "mi piace" = I like. Mi = myself, to me... there's no need to put myself at the end of the sentence


Why not "non piaccio questo orologio?"


Because "questo orologio" is the subject of the sentence: so the verb must be the 3rd singular person (piace). Mi = a me = "to me" in English


Piacere means "to be pleasing" so "Non piaccio questo orologio" would be sort of like "I am not pleasing, this watch".

So you have to switch it around and say "It's pleasing to me, this watch", which is "Piace a me quest'orologio".

And of course "a me" => "mi" so the most natural translation is "Mi piace quest'orologio".

Having said that, this stupid question doesn't like the abbreviation "quest'orologio" so you have to write "questo orologio".


I wrote" Quest'orologio non mi piace" and was marked wrong. However a few exercises later the sentence reads "Quest'orologio da tasca ha ....' I don't get it. Which one is right?


I asked my Italian friend about his and she said that in this case both are acceptable. She sent me a picture of a text, this is what it says "Questo orologio" oppure "Quest'orologio" L'elisione, cioè la caduta della vocale finale di una parola non acentata sull'ultima sillaba, davanti a una parola che comincia con una vocale, si ha sempre con gli aggettivi dimodtrativi singolari questo, questa, quello, quella: quest'uomo, quest'allegria, quell'ora, ecc. Si può anche scegliere di non pratticarla, non è sbagliato. And then she adds "Quest'orologio non mi piace" is absolutely correct. In this case both are correct.

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