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How much duolingo should I do a day?

The small weekly calendar on the side shows a bar that reaches to 100 coins.. Is there a good amount of duolingo one should do a day?

September 1, 2012



I shoot for a little above 100 points a day. I also try to only do one new lesson a day. Then get the rest of the points from practice. The logic being you can only learn a handful of new words a day and most time is spent in review.


Xoviat, I understand that. Despite that, I don't think the coins are a good measure of learning. For example, I am awarded the same number coins for completing a practice lesson that doesn't teach me anything new as I am for completing a lesson that advances me up the skill tree.

And in the case of translations, it's very easy to rack up coins by cherry-picking easy sentences. I've even seen some German blog entries that have English sentences in them, and you can be awarded coins for "translating" English into English.

Coins also aren't a good representation of effort. The difficultly of the lessons seems to vary widely (especially in the later parts of the German course, where many of the lessons seem of poor quality), but the coins awarded are always in the same range.

So when someone says to me I should do 100 a day, it doesn't make sense to me. The amount of effort required to get 100 coins is simply too variable.


I set a daily minimum of 50 points, but lately I have done a lot of translations and it is very easy to go above 100 each day.

The really important thing is to go for a number that is sustainable for you, small daily practice is better than big bursts followed by days of rest.


I don't think the coins are a good measure at all of how much you are learning, so I don't pay any attention to them. I just try to use Duolingo every day, but not so often that it becomes frustrating or tedious.


@DoYouEvenLift Yeah Duolingo is over generous with coins for translations to encourage you to translate more. Their business model depends on it. Getting points for practice on stuff you have already cover is equally important as points from new lessons. Most people are not going to learn a language without a lot of repetition.


In order to get optimum practice, you really should earn 90-100 points each day. Personally, I try to shoot for 100. You can do any combination of lessons, practice, and translations to get there. Since I have completed most of the lessons, I usually do 30 points of practice and 70 points of translations each day, but how much of each part you do is really up to you, so long as you get the recommended amount.


@DoYouEvenLift The coins are a good measure of how much you are learning each day because you can only get coins if you complete the lessons without too many errors or translate sentences correctly.


I've been doing 90+ points (91 and more makes the full stack) every day since June 20. I like this coins stacks that don't let me to be lazy! I usually try to fill the day's stack with lessons and practice, but if I have too little time, I get them faster through translations.

I believe a full stack is quite a reasonable amount of study for the day, especially if you earn it by both lessons and translations. It is not very hard to do :)

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