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Learning over the Summer

im planing to take Spanish next year, so i am forcing myself to study. TT TT anyone else doing this?

May 29, 2013



Good idea, you will pass that class with flying colors if you stick to doing at least one lesson a day during the summer.


If you come to love Spanish and it becomes your hobby, you have all chances to finish the Duolingo tree by the end of the summer. If you feel like it, don't restrict yourself to Duolingo only. Try to read, listen, chat with people. Try to make your studies enjoyable, then you won't have to force yourself. And try to do at least a little every day.


i am !+am in a bit of a problem b/c i will be going to blue lake fine arts camp, and they don't allow any technology. thats 2 weeks without duolingo ):


When you go to camp, bring Spanish books with you. For example, possibly a grammar textbook/workbook. (I recently checked out Pimsleur's Recorded book for Spanish from my library. It is awesome, but it would require headphones but the little device is self-contained and only plays back the Spanish course. So, maybe, it would be allowed at your camp.)

Bring a Spanish/English dictionary.

Bring Spanish picture books to read. Sheesh, for me, for 14 days, that would be 14 picture books. I chew through them pretty fast. But, that could be fun. My current favorite is "El Libro Fantastico" by Leonid Gore. It's in past tense which you will likely be starting soon on your Duolingo tree.

The reason I'm encouraging you to keep using your Spanish during camp is that when I, myself, took a one month break from Duolingo, I couldn't just start with new Duolingo lessons. I had to actually spend quite a bit of time reviewing old lessons.

So, if you take a break from Duolingo, anticipate when you return, that you may need to spend time reviewing. But, I'd encourage you to keep practicing Spanish old school style while at the fine arts camp.


thanks for the advice--i will definitely look in to it. i will also be checking out a textbook for spanish1 from my school, so that should easily take care of that problem.


If you need help, spanish is my main ~


Thanks! im actually really good in Spanish (at least the level im at) and i forgot the dates to take the spanish placement test, so i'm taking a test for my spanish level in high school, but ill keep it in mind :) plus wow, so many people already thanks guys for all your tips.

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