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"It is a game that we play with our parents."

Translation:Det er en leg vi leger med vores forældre.

September 3, 2014



This seems very wrong. I was taught by Danes that spiller means "to play a specific game with a set of rules, like a board game or a video game". While leger is a random act of playing, normally used for children. My Danish friend said that "en leg" as a noun makes no sense, it's not used that way.


I really hope someone takes a moment to address this question/issue.


I had in fact interpreted it as the second meaning. :)


That's exactly how a Danish friend


I need to comment on what Oxalis_11 is claiming here.

It is simply not true! "En leg" is a valid noun and a normal way for children and adults to define the parameters of a game that they make up alone or with their friends. Like "playing house" which in Danish is called "at lege far, mor og børn"

It is also part of well-known sayings, like "som en leg" (like a game) which express that something is easy.

And as a side note "a game that we play" can translate to both "en leg vi leger" and "et spil vi spiller" and both are accepted. Another accepted alternative is "et spil vi leger".


Why have "that" in the English sentence if it's not going to be allowed in the Danish sentence? Just leave it out of the English: "It's a game we play with our parents" would be perfectly fine. Or allow "that" in the Danish.


So is it the case that in Danish you can leave out "som" in the same way that "that" is often left out in the same sort of sentence in English, (eg here it'd also be correct to say "it's a game we play with our parents")? And if that is the case, is the version without "som" a bit less formal, or more conversational, as I'd say is the case in English?


Assuming you mean "Det er en leg, at vi leger med vores forældre" then no, it would be, as Grand Danois pointed out, "Det er en leg, som vi leger med vores forældre"


No "at", if anything "som"


Yes, silly me, must have been me thinking in English (where one can say "that"), I shall edit my post to avoid confusion


It would have to be "som" because it is about a noun, in this case "en leg". If in English you can replace "that" with "which", as you can here, then the Danish translation cannot be "at", it has to be "som" (or maybe "der").


Can you explain the significance of the comma, please?


The comma is there to separate the main clause from the subordinate clause. Although it is actually now optional, according to this site, and not really of any significance in this case


"det er et spil vi spiller med vores forældre" is at least as correct but not accepted.


Why is, "Det air et en spil som vi spiller med forældre" incorrect?


why can't one say, 'det er et spil som jeg leger med ......'


Because in Danish one cannot "lege et spil" or "spille en leg". It contradicts itself (like "I drive my bicycle" where drive would normally be used for a land vehicle with an engine)

Edit: A better example would be like eating and drinking, one can eat food and drink a drink, but one cannot eat a drink or drink food


So what is the difference between "spiller en spil" and "leger en leg"? Is it very significant?


Mt understanding is that a "spil" is something more structured -- a board game, for example, would be called a "spil", not a "leg". But playing make-believe, for example, would be a "leg".

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