"I have heard my name called."

Translation:Ho sentito chiamare il mio nome.

May 29, 2013

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Any other time I interpret, I get dinged. I used the past participle "called", "chiamato", and I got dinged for not interpreting it from the gerund "chiamare". What's wrong here?


Gerund? How am i supposed to get this? I am nowhere near the section about gerunds. Sometimes, this thing is SO frustrating. Why am i penalised for not knowing something that has not been taught???


why do you have to place the "chiamare" after "sentito"? I put it at the end of the sentence, but got it wrong.


Why doesn't "Ho sentito chiamare mio nome" work? When do you use "mio" or "il mio"?


the "il" or "la" must always be used, except for some cases such as close family members (mia madre, mio fratello but il mio nome)

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