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I've reached level 10 Irish and completed just about half the tree. I just noticed for the first time that it asked me to speak into the microphone. Is this a new feature?

September 3, 2014



This is (unfortunately) a bug. There is not currently speaking exercises for the course. If you could share a screenshot, that'd be very helpful for the staff to remove this.


http://i.imgur.com/h3nBnBb.png Thats a screenshot of the latest one I found. They didn't start showing up until "The World" and "Character"


http://i.imgur.com/MxNOtNr.png here's another one. Is there any easier way for me to report these or is posting links on here fine?


No, there's not. Those screenshots should do for now!


Sorry that I don't have a screenshot, but I just finished "Prepositions 2" 2/5, and the second last step wanted me to say "An bhfuil fáilte roimpi?". Didn't realise it was a bug and I spent forever trying to pronounce the words in any dialect I could so it would accept it! Thanks for the course, it's great.

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