I have the words tab! Does everyone have it now? I didn't have it 2 seconds ago, and I was B in the A/B testing for it. Did they add it for everyone?

EDIT: It's in all my language except for Danish, Irish and Dutch. I'm assuming because those are the newest languages.

September 3, 2014


Woo hoo! :)

Edit: So, according to Duolingo, some words I have not practiced in four months (which may or may not be true, but I've reviewed a lot of my tree). Also, some of the definitions are wrong (Americana is not jacket, LOL), or don't include all the information they may need (sea is "be", but in the imperative tense, not the indicative tense). So, 3.5/5 so far.

Edit #2: Has anyone had experience (mainly to the former Group A testers) with strengthening words also strengthening skills?

Edit #2: Has anyone had experience (mainly to the former Group A testers) with strengthening words also strengthening skills?

Strengthening words has always strengthened skills. See this and this.

Flashcards work differently though. First they wont give you XP, secondly they won't count for the streak, and finally they always strengthen words because you've seen them (that's not a bug).

Thank you, Dessamator. Answers my question. :)

As a 'former Group A tester', I can't say for sure if strengthening words through flash cards also strengthens skills; I'm not quite halfway through the tree yet and do a lot of review anyway, so it stays fairly gold on its own. However, I would warn that the words strengthened through flash cards seem to decay much faster than ones strengthened on the tree, and I don't know what effect that might have on skills. I cleared up a long list of weak words in less than an hour with the flash cards, and within about 8 hours they were already starting to weaken, and by the following day they were back to only one bar - also, sometimes words that had previously been holding strong at 4 bars would show up in a flash card session, and then those would start decaying at the faster rate.

I really like the idea of flash cards, but the number of weak words in my list seemed to be getting longer every day instead of shorter, so I stopped using them. I think they should be fine for a quick review, but maybe don't get carried away like I did and review half of your word list all at once. ;-)

Ha ha, thanks for the report! I'll try to control my impulses to strengthen "blancos". :P

lol, now that it's been rolled out to everyone I'll try them again, maybe it's been fixed. :-)

I've noticed some oddities in the "time since last practiced" column as well. Conjugations of "avere" (to have) are said to not have been practiced for 7 months, and have only 1 bar. These words are found in nearly every sentence in every section on the tree, so I use them daily on DuoLingo. Maybe it does not count a word as "practiced" unless you're under the section it was introduced? Either way, it's just a minor quibble.

At first glance, I love the new feature. Having a one-stop shop to see all the words, find their definition and gender, hear audio, and see an example usage is just fantastic.

I've noticed the same and had the same thought - some words only seem to strengthen if I go back to the original skill. :/

Grazie. Some of them I just scratch my head and go, "Yeah, like I didn't just practice this last week." I'd hope that wouldn't be the case...there is no way I'm going back to Present Verbs 1., ha ha.

Same, very helpful.

I just did my first flashcards review. Before doing the session, I had 2 bars of strength for the word Zahl. During the session, I ran into the word but got it wrong and marked myself as wrong. However, after the session, Zahl went up to full strength, 4 bars. I guess that must be a bug as it makes no sense to have a word's strength go up when it should really go down. I assume they know about this, but I reported it anyway. Flashcards aside, I find the Words tab extremely helpful.

I think the way it works is that even if you just see the word come up in a lesson or flashcard, regardless if you get it right or wrong, it will be strengthened.

However, getting it wrong will increase it's decay rate so you will find that you will have to practice this word/skill more often or sooner than you would otherwise.

Well, "americana" is a blazer jacket, so it's quite close :)

The flash card feature often tests alternative meanings of words, that aren't the meanings that the core of Duolingo uses.

Somehow I managed to get the words tab in Dutch:

EDIT: It is a repeatable bug:

  • Switch to a course with a words tab (French, German, etc.)
  • Open a new browser tab, go on duolingo and switch to a course without words tab (Dutch, Irish, Danish)
  • Go back to the first browser tab and click on the words tab. You should now see the word list of the course chosen in step 2.

Awesome. When I try to go to while switched over to the Dutch course, I get a 404.

Please note my edit.

I've tried this, and it automatically removes the tab. Use it until you lose it! ;)

How can the words tab be removed without refreshing the page? That is technically impossible.

Now I see: Maybe you misunderstood my explanation. With "open a new tab", I meant a new browser tab, not one of the "Home", "Activity" etc. tabs. Sorry for causing confusion, if that was the case.

I was switching languages on the same page. ;) I see what you are saying now, nice tip, LOL.

Thanks for that! It works for Irish and Danish too, and it looks the flashcards work!

I hope that is one bug they don't fix, or that it means we'll be getting the tab for the beta languages soon too.

thank you SO MUCH!!

OMG I have it now too! Epic!:) I have been waiting for this since the Vocabulary tab first disappeared. I also have the flashcards. I assume everyone has them now as well?

Edit: Look what happens when you go to the Words link without being logged in.

Words really needs to start studying more.

Not Me. EDIT YES ME!!!!!!!! I was doing the Danish course.

woo hoo WORDS TAB!!!

Booyah! I understand that flashcards aren't for everyone, but I find them so helpful! Great addition in my opinion.

Yep, I've got it too. Time to see what all the fuss is about :)

I have it, too!

So far, in my limited experience, I love it! The only quibble I've had is an occasional translation that left me scratching my head. "Botas", for example, is translated as "You launch". That's great to know, but it's identified in its card as clothing, and should be boots.

Just saying, I don't want any of my articles of clothing launching me anywhere...

I finally have it! I would suggest an easy report feature for if a card is completely or partially wrong though. For instance, it defined Frühstück as a verb meaning to have breakfast. Duolingo teaches das Frühstück, the breakfast. I think I'll use it a bit, but I'll keep at my Memrise course as well.

Also, it loathes my Kindle's browser :(. And a way to organise them better would be nice, it currently just puts most recently studied first. Having options for by lesson, by part of speech... would be helpful.

Did you have it before, and do you have it now? :)

I had it before. ;)

I presume it will be added to the Danish, Irish and Dutch courses when they graduate from beta? Or will the contributors have to do some extra work?

See ubdip's workaround above for getting the Words tab and flashcards in Dutch, Danish and Irish.

It's worked for me in Dutch. I haven't tried it yet in the other two.

Great, finally I have the words tab now.

I have it! It's so great!

I saw this thread in the discussion list, then looked up to my blue bar and literally jumped in my seat when I saw that I now have the words tab! Going to look at it now!

I like the word tab, but the flashcards would be better if they had full sentences too

I just got it! YYAAAAAAYYY!! I've been waiting for so long. Now I can see the words that need practice! Finally!

I don't know the difference between the A and B groups. But I think I've had both . The first was about perfect, with some minor quibbles, like not strengthening words visited; but it didn't have the Flashcards. Then I got the one with the Flashcards, but it didn't seem as comprehensive as the first.

Then, I think, I got a 3rd version, which was an amalgam of the first two. !!

This is why I wish DL could communicate, just a little, and let us know what they are doing. lol :)

EDIT: Yep I seem to have got the 'mix' one, with all the conjugations of words and Flashcards; BUT it doesn't seem to be as comprehensive as it was in giving the uses of words in different phrases.....But maybe I haven't looked enough at it. I do like the Flashcards. Both Fun and educational :)

BUT Also, It still doesn't seem to be Strengthening Words that I revisit :(

It's still great though. AND in my opinion, an improvement over the old much-loved-and-missed Vocab :)

Group A gets the feature, group B doesn't get it, but get's another feature, but people from group A can also get another feature since it's random.

Thanks. I think I'd better go check to see what I have now. This thread seems to suggest DL may have rolled out Words to all users; In which case it may be the finished model. :)

It doesn't seem to know when I last used words. Given it's 4 years old, that seems like quite a bug...

I didn't have it this morning, but I have it now. Thank you to Duolingo! :D

Isn't it great?! :D

I also have it now and didn't before. Thanks for the update!


Edit: Looks like a good addition. Provides the list of words learnt till now along with complete information on them including translation, gender, parts of speech, examples as well as the skill in which this was learnt.

Yes, I just noticed I got it too now. I started on Duolingo in February just after the old vocabulary tab disappeared. Now, that I have finished my tree I finally get the word tab. I was wondering what I was missing.

Me too! Hype train tschuu tsschuuu has arrived. !

This is the first time I've been able to use it since I made my account. I like it!

This is exactly what happened to me when the lingot store first came out.

I've now got access to this for the first time and it looks great. Thanks to Duolingo, you are clearly working exceptionally hard!

I'm confused. I don't ever remember not having a words tab. Is this because I joined recently (in June) or because I was in the "A" group without knowing?

You were in the A group. You were one of the few who were testing it out -- then they gave it to everybody.

Thank you. I had no idea that this testing was going on. I feel really lucky that I was in the A group!

I don't understand this. How do you get the words tab?

Fantastic! A very welcome additions. Personally, simple vocabulary is one thing that I have struggled with. This should help. Hopefully this functionality (flashcards) makes its was to the apps.

I have always preferred doing Duolingo on the iPhone app. It would be nice if they were able to get flashcards, discussion and the ability to report errors on the app someday - if it's possible to do it cleanly. And I'd really like to be able to do my Dutch lessons there.

But I think the app is superb as it is and addictive.

Without question though, I am very glad to see the return of the flashcards on the website.

I think the only thing missing from the previous Duolingo website design is the ability to create a filter to alter your test questions.

For instance, I remember seeing the sentence "Vi un avión federal" over and over and over - at least it felt that way. I felt I had sufficiently memorized a sentence I could never imagine using. In the old website, I was able to stifle it, either by eliminating the word "federal" or the sentence.

That's a very minor quibble, though.

No sign of anything that looks like a "Words" tab on my dashboard.

I just noticed it for my Spanish !! I'm so happy. :D I hope I get it for Irish soon.

EVERYONE USE YOUR WORDS TAB. O.O Or else they might kill it again.

I've never noticed it. And Danish, Irish, and Dutch are in beta, so yes, they are the newest.

Those of you that have the "Words" tab, can you tell me where it appears, what it looks like, what it does? I think I want it, but I still haven't seen it on my page.

It is between Home and Activity, on the top blue part of the screen. It says 'WORDS'. If you don't have it I would contact Duolingo.

YOU ARE MAGIC, it appeared just as soon as you mentioned it. Thanks. It wasn't there two hours ago.

:P You're welcome, but I don't think I had anything to do with it. Thank you Duo, for making me look magical!

I would have liked the ability to sort alphabetically or by parts of speech (maybe I missed them), so I can just review words at my leisure. Otherwise, enjoying the Words tab!

I can...Clicking 'word' is alphabetical, clicking 'part of speech' is parts of speech

Yes! I'm so glad its back!!

Me too!! in Italian. So excited!! Yeah!!!

It is great top see what the testers have been talking about for these many months.

Two things I would like to see incorporated:

  1. Gender for nouns
  2. Give us a few experience points for each review. Maybe based on how many correct answers we got or simply 2-3 for doing a review.
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