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"So che qualcuno non mi crederà."

Translation:I know that someone will not believe me.

September 3, 2014



Although grammatically correct, this is rather odd English. A native speaker would rather say 'I know that no one will believe me'


Those are two different sentences. When no one believes me, zero people believe. When someone does not believe me, there is the possibility that others do believe in me. I could see a politician saying that he knows that there is someone who does not believe him, but I cannot believe that any politician would ever say that no one believes him. There is a great difference in meaning of the two sentences.


Thanks for the clarification. So then would I have to use 'nessuno' to change the meaning into the other?


Wow! You said it, not me .. I tried in google translate:

so che nessuno mi crederà

and it translates to

I know nobody will believe me

Nice call.


This is a nonsense sentence in English. It needs the word "else", as the hint suggests.

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