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iOS app bug: incorrect placement of multiple choice answers

So this happened yesterday:

No bueno

Unfortunately, I don't know how to provide any debug information. The "están" bubble was at the top of the screen, overlapping the question, from the beginning (i.e., not just once I clicked the correct answer or clicked "Check"). I've never seen this before. Thoughts?

September 3, 2014



it came with the recent ios release. i haven't seen any official recognition of it, but then i never do. i find that the garbled option is not selectable. the only mitigating factor is that odds are perhaps 3 out of four that the garbled option is wrong so you won't need to select it. and this particular question format does not seem to appear as frequently as other formats.

assuming you are on ios, you'll also soon be seeing the word scrambles that don't contain all the words in the solution. so you can't form the correct answer.


What version of the App are using? I have not seen this problem and i am using the v4.0.6 app daily.


I'm using version 4.0.6 as well (the 22 August release). I use it probably every other day on my phone, and have only seen this once.

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