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Are Portuguese people disappointed with us?

Am I the only one who thinks that Portuguese people (I mean the real ones, born in Portugal and everything) must be disappointed because our Portuguese course has the Brazilian flag? As a Brazilian I think it is awesome for Brazil, but I can’t stop feeling sorry for those nice fellas.

May 29, 2013



Portuguese reporting in, I think everyone understands why Portuguese from Brazil was chosen, so no, we're not disappointed. I <3 Duolingo!


Thx for showing up! Its good to have a comment from a Portuguese person to explain how Portuguese people might see that ;)


I've heard that the Portuguese on Duolingo is more like that from Brazil than Portugal (you'll have to verify this, as I don't have much experience with the language myself). Wouldn't it make sense then that the flag is the Brazilian one?


Sure... as they cant add all the flags of the english-speaking countries. They havebro choose one. And the English one is from US... not England.... i dont think that bothers.... portuguese people love our accent ;)


It must upset them, for sure. I personally would be pretty upset too if the language that originated in my country is learned elsewhere and introducing non-native speakers to Brazilian culture, and not that of Portugal.


Portuguese evolved from the medieval Kingdom of Galicia, so Portuguese people are not the owner of the language. I think nobody owns a language, but everybody changes them... Its alive!! Here you find some reasons why Portuguese from Brazil was chosen. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_language). But from Duo itself may help us see clearer (http://blog.duolingo.com/post/34645793141/portuguese-is-here) Thats not because Im Brazilian, but here they choose an accent over another, which one is the most used around the world, including also coloquial sentences, that arent fully gramatically correct, but things that people will hear...


Plus, I dont think that it would bother so much. I have a friend who has lived there for twenty years and he told me over 80% Portuguese people prefer Brazilian accent over Portuguese. They say our accent is "sweet, soft, good to spend time listening...". When they buy Brazilian soap-operas, they dont even change the accent and they also hire many Brazilian people to work for them on radios, talk shows, and tv programs cause of our accent... For more information on why it is good to learn Portguese from Brazil, you may find it interesting: http://moreintelligentlife.co.uk/content/ideas/helen-joyce/brazilian-portuguese-best-language http://blogs.estadao.com.br/radar-pop/portugues-do-brasil-e-a-melhor-lingua-diz-the-economist/


That doesn't make sense. If anything the Portuguese should be proud of their language being here, as opposed to many other languages that aren't even taught.


I'm a portuguese american, citizen of both, raised in both, and trying to get my portuguese fluency back and better as I've neglected it since being a kid, and I'm not disappointed at all! I'm so happy to have the resource, and I can always just talk to my family anyway and spend time in portugal, which I do.

I'm actually hoping over time to work on my Brazilian dialect skills and accent as well over time, and duo's great for that. ;)


The Portuguese on Duolingo is definitely the Brazilian variety. It's much more widely spoken than European Portuguese. I don't think that they would be offended.


Are Portuguese people disappointed with us? if so. they shall dislike duo, not we. we take no blame ourselves, in this duolingo choice.


Of course not. And the reasons are really easy to explain. Today, the increasing demand to do a Brazilian Portuguese course is really high comparing to the European Portuguese. And some facts can explain that situation. Brazil's growth along China, surpassed the traditional G8 countries really fast and beat easily the 2008 crisis (Brazil is today the 6th~7th largest economy and Portugal is about the 40th place). Alongside this, Brazil will be the host of two big international events, the Football (Soccer) World Cup 2014 and the Summer Olympic Games 2016. Today, Brazil's economy is more strong and present than Portugal's in the globalized world. And this articles can explain even better that me and my poor English:

Is Braziil the New United States? - Huffing Post


Brazil Overtakes Britain To Become World's Sixth Largest Economy - Forbes


Bonus: Five Good Reasons to learn Portuguese - Live In Brazil Blog (by Kevin Porter, native USA citizen who now lives in Brazil and tell the experience trough this blog)


And well, Portugal is a nice country! And Brazil is what is today because the Portuguese people and a lot of other nationalities immigrants choose here to live! :)


Being disappointed or feeling disrespected because of that is so unnecessary. I mean, if Duolingo was teaching european portuguese, ok, that would be a point to make. But it's not. It's brazilian portuguese. There are BIG differences, it's not just about the accent. If you wanna compare it to english from the UK/USA, it's basically the same thing. There are also other countries that have portuguese or english as their official language, but it changes from place to place and here they can only teach one. There seems to be people here who feel like they own the language just because it "originated" where they were born, and that's whats disappointing.

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