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Microphone is on, and I have it off.

I remember there was the same problem about a month ago, and now it looks like the same bug. I am taking lessons in German, French and Italian and despite I have the microphone off, I have to do listening sentences, which I don't want to. Is this a bug? If so, I think it will be fixed soon, hopefully.

September 3, 2014



I think you have microphone confused with speakers, turn the "Speaker" option off instead from the settings and remember to press "Save Changes"


This is how my settings are, and I still have the same problem. I think I am the only one :-(



Have you tried contacting Duolingo using the "Support" tab at the side? That's the only suggestion I have left, unless anyone else has had and has solved this problem


I think your computer is mofunctioning

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