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Sentences repeating in Danish

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but every time I do a new lesson in Danish, or even just review, I always get the same sentences. Usually it's about four sentences, and I get all types of exercises - but with the same exact sentences.

September 3, 2014



Also, every time I review, I get the pictures with the words ægteskabet and skoen. Every single time! I'm convinced it's a bug and it's still happening.


Same for me! Skoen, hatten, foråret, ægteskabet and jakkesættet are each time I want to strengthen words


Thank you for all the input, we are looking into it!


The same thing is happening to me. Ægteskabet, torvet, roden, tasked, badeværelset. These words I have thoroughly learned. I can now take the root in the bag, as I walk to the square to see the marriage, before I go to the bathroom.


The course is young so there is less variety in the courses. More importantly lesson practice shows the weakest words. You could have failed those words a lot of times in the past so Duolingo wants you to practice them again. Although, there is the possibility of this being a bug.


It's definitely a bug. I have tried other languages and there is much more variety. I must have practiced "vegetarian" 15 times in a lesson..that's not normal.


I seem to get "Hatten and "Skoen" translations with every revision lesson I do.

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