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Duolingo won't answer my questions.

Each time I ask a question, duolingo keeps sending me to the same irrelevant page. [example]: "Veo a tu maestro entre los estudiantes." I don't understand the use of 'a' in that sentence but each time I ask I'm stuck on the same answer page (in this case it's the NSFW? page). Java on, off - reload page, different browsers - no change. No matter the question, I get stuck.

Is duolingo acting up or am I doing something wrong?

September 1, 2012



The personal a : You need 'a' in front of every reference to a person. Eg. Veo a Juan : I see John. For further explanation, just search for The personal a.


FauxReal - When a person is the direct or indirect object of the verb, an A is added between the verb and the person. This is called "The Personal A" as Jamie mentions above. Here are some examples:

Conozco a la profesora. (I know the teacher) Veo a Marta. (I see Marta.) Ellos no ayudan a nadie. (They don't help anyone.)

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