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Streak and time zones

Hi everyone,

Recently there has been quite a bunch of threads about streak count reset. I guess this happens because of time zone differences: people live in their own time zones but Duolingo apparently functions in Pittsburgh time zone. I live in Moscow time zone, so the new "Duolingo day" starts at 8 am my time. If I ignore this and for any reason do my lessons before that time, it will count as "yesterday" and I'm likely to lose my streak if I don't study anymore until the next day.

Well, I'm quite lucky as I hardly ever study before 8 am. But for people who are likely to study around the time when the day change happens at Duolingo, it is no fun at all. Either they have to take into account all the time zone intricacies or they keep losing their streak.

How about making a time zone option in the account settings so that our "Duolingo day" was the same as the actual day?

A tip for the learners: If you are unsure whether you are "yesterday" or "today" by Duolingo's time and care about your streak, always check your streak before and after you study. If it increased by a point, this counts as "today". If not, you may want to study some time later in the day to make it count. The best is to check your time zone as compared with Eastern US time and make sure you study every day by EST.

May 29, 2013



I've made bookmarklet especially for this. You can check your last exercise time.



This is probably not the same for every user, because I am in Paris (+1) time zone, and my day starts at
midnight. If I finish any lesson or timed practice after 12:00 at midnight, it goes to the new day and it updates the streak. I have seen this in several occasions when I was trying to do one more lesson before midnight, just to fill my coin stack and discovered that I was too late by a minute or two, and the points went to the stack of the new day.

EDIT: In addition, the name of the day is over the coin stack, so it is simple to check where the points will go.


Well, I may be mistaken, but I don't know how to explain streak reset of many users otherwise.


Maybe Duolingo gets the time zone information from the computer/browser somehow or just from the user IP. I have active reminders at 5:00pm and I always get the mail in the correct time if I haven't done any practice by that time. It might depend on the browser or the operating system or even the internet provider.


I live in +2 time zone and my "duolingo day" also starts at midnight.

I noticed it few days ago when I started my first lesson of the day about 23:50 and was lucky to finish it before midnight and thus I increased my streak. And then I started another lesson just after the midnight and my streak increased once more. So I got +2 to my streak just in 15-20 minutes or so.


I had the idea the streak went by my local computer clock as I'm pretty sure I've had credit for 2 days when my practice has gone over midnight. But I will tell you in 15 mins ;) because it is 11.50pm here in W.Australia. (If my streak goes to 3 I will know :D )


Mm. Yes replying to myself, the interwebz version of insanity o.O It is now 12.15am - my streak has gone from 2 to 3 and my weekly practice for Wed and Thurs has coins. All is well here with local clock time.

Perhaps ppl have experienced some server restart hiccups on Duo's end or other strangeness (the end/start of DLS?) that affected their streaks?


Hmm, I'm lost now. Personally, my streak has never been reset without an obvious reason (you can see it's rather big :D), but there are quite a few complaints about losing the streak all of a sudden. I don't think all those people are so unattentive as to actually miss a day and not notice it... there should be some problem %)


Or you can check the last slot of the "weekly progress" thingy. If it's like 30+ when you've only done 2 lessons today, then you are probably still "yesterday" to duolingo.


Right. And I guess the last day in the weekly progress is in Duolingo's time, so it will show yesterday's day of week if the day has not changed yet for Duolingo.


My experience has been a little confusing around that. I live in Tel-Aviv, which is one hour behind Moscow and 7 hours away from the owl in Pittsburgh. I do learn sometime after midnight, in which case my Weekly Progress bar is updated properly according to my timezone, but the streak count is not advanced as it should have. I think that there is either a bug in streak counting or that Weekly Progress uses my system timezone and Streak uses Duolingo timezone, which is just wrong implementation.


Than it's even worse than I thought...


Interesting. I live in Croatia which is +6 h from Pittsburgh. But actually my Duolingo day :) starts normally at midnight.


all very interesting. i live in southeastern michigan in US, so i don't have anything to complain about. however, the problem for most people living in this area of the ''duolingo day'' arises with the event of travel. overseas travel can ruin a streak count and it would seem annoying. the only solution i can see to this problem is to look into what time zones one would be traveling through, and do a lesson or two on duolingo whenever practical to be absolutely sure that there is no points lost.


I thought it was because the streak counter takes into account a day in the current timezone from 12am to 12am where as the streak freeze counts 24 hours from the last time you made any points.

I might be wrong though. Otherwise, it's very confusing that there are two different of counting a 'day'

A related note, today I saw a new feature where it says 'streak extended today' and a green tick on the streak counter but I am not sure what it is about.


It's important that we know how Duolingo decides which timezone to go by for the streak.

For example: I am traveling in a few days from GMT-5 to GMT+2

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