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What is it wrong?

I got this question.

++++++++++++++++++++ They read our books.

<pre>1Ellos leen unos diarios. 2Ellos leen nuestros libros. 3Ellos leen nuestras libros. </pre>

Oops, that’s wrong. Correct translation:

<pre>Ellos leen nuestros libros. </pre>


I chose 2 and 3. So why 3 is wrong? I thought if "our" are all females, it should be correct. Thanks.

April 24, 2012



When using words of possession, the word refers to what is being owned. In this case, "nuestro" needs to match in gender and amount with the "libros". Since "libros" is masculine and plural, so should "nuestro", so the correct translation is "nuestros libros"; the third choice treats "libros" as if it were feminine and plural.


Yes, remember mi/mis, tu/tus, su/sus, nuestro/a, nuestros/as vuestro/a, vuestros/as are possessive ADJECTIVES, not pronouns as they often mistaken for. They must therefore agree in gender and number with the noun.


Thanks, so it's defined by "books" not "our".

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