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Sound on my iPhone is gone

Hi, It was working well at the first 8 days after I downloaded the app. But the sound was gone yesterday, and I tried to switch the sounds on and off, but still not working, now the mini speaker in front of the sentence are gone, too. Sound effect is working, but I can't hear reading anymore. Please advise what should I do.


May 29, 2013



Does the sound work if you do a practice session (either a global practice from the main menu or a skill practice in any learned skill)?

The speaker button only appears in questions where you need to translate from the language that you're learning. Are you seeing translation questions (with word banks or keyboard text entry) that don't show the speaker but ask you to translate from French into English?


I tried the practice session, it not works. And yesterday it was still not work at the first few time I was trying, but when I close the practice skill, the sounds was jumping out after 20 seconds, then I went back to Practice skill, it works, but still have no idea why it's not work and how it work later.


Are you using the app over wifi? If not, a slow network connection might be causing sounds to take a long time to load.

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