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Streak lost, XP earned?

I'm confused about streaks. I thought you lost them when a day went by without you logging in and doing something---practice, a lesson, or just something that earns you XP. However, my streak was recently lost even though the chart shows that I have earned XP every day! Also, my streak freezes seem to randomly disappear whenever I buy them even though I practice every day. Anybody know what the deal is? Do you have to earn a certain number of XP points for the streak to keep going?


September 4, 2014



Sounds like duolingo may be using a different timezone to set midnight than you are currently in. Did you happen you create your duolingo account when you were in a different timezone?


I discovered a likely cause for this today: for a day to qualify as part of streak, you need to hit your own target for xp earned per day (set in settings/Coach). So if that is set to 30, and you earn less, the streak is lost.

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