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German user wants to learn english

Hey there, isn't this possible right now? For me it seems a very obvious task to learn english as the worldlanguage as a german user, but it's not offered somehow Oo I don't quite understand why. All the other less important languages like portugese etc are offered for a german user as well... thanks in advance?!

May 29, 2013



Obviously, it is not offered because such a course is not ready yet. All the other courses were not rolled out at once, too.

I have no information about whether a course of English for German speakers is currently in the works, but the team is aware about the demand for it. Stay tuned!


You seem to have a good grasp of English already. :)

Sehr besser auch meine Deutsch! Aber ich finde das ist normal. War schwierig zu lernen Deutsch in Deutschland während alle Leuter war Englisch sprechen zu mir!

(It's been a few years. Apologies!)

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