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Google+ sharing/following

Good morning awesome Duolingo team. It would be nice to add a G+ follow button instead of just the Twitter follow and also allow to share our achievements to G+ instead of just Facebook and Twitter. :) Today is a big day for the world, Duolingo for Android is coming out today! \o/

May 29, 2013



I agree that it is unfair to have Facebook and Twitter but not to have other social networks, but I also wouldn't want to see Duolingo cluttered with many networks icons and links.

Here's the solution I suggest if the team decides to add more social networks: only show those networks that have been linked to Duolingo by the user. I only use Twitter - please show me just Twitter and nothing else. Somebody uses Google+ and Facebook - all right, let them see both.


Agree, I'd love this. There are plenty of great language-learning communities on Google+, to me it makes much more sense to post there than to the others.


Hey! Have you downloaded the app yet? :) Thanks for this feedback too!


Of course! Even before being announced in Google+. I was like "Let me see if the app already available because it usually takes some time to be available after the publishing on the Developer Console." and it was there. =)

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