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Aún no podemos afirmar eso? Why 'this', and not 'that'?

I just translated this as 'still we cannot affirm that' but I was told I was wrong and had a heart taken off me because apparently it means 'still we cannot affirm this'.

I don't understand. Is Duolingo wrong or am I? I've been taught that 'eso' means 'that' and even when I scrolled over the word, it said 'that' not 'this'.

It's wrong of Duolingo to teach you that 'eso' means 'that' and then mark your answer wrong on such a question. Either they need to provide some form of context, or they should tell you it's wrong, but not take a life off you.

It's hard to stay motivated when you're getting faced with what can only seem like trick questions.

September 1, 2012



Sounds like it's just a mistake in the site; eso is that in every context.

Stay motivated, though. Your sentence is a long way from las ellas beben leche and such.. ;)


tey using the word CONFIRM and see what happens but there are mistake here as there are everywhere


Thanks for the answers. So it was just a duolingo mistake after all? Good. I already get confused between the Spanish words for this and that so I'm glad I don't have to try and remember another variant.

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