"De hører at hun snakker dansk."

Translation:They hear that she speaks Danish.

September 4, 2014

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Soon, Duo! Du vil ser at vi kan snakker Dansk!


Question: Quite a while ago, I learned to translate the sentence "I can speak danish" as "jeg kan taler dansk". This course uses "snakker" instead of "taler"; is one of them more common? Would it be accepted as a correct translation if I were to put "taler" instead of "snakker" in my answers?


Snakker has also a meaning of conversation whereas taler means speaking generally.


As I understand it they are more or less the same, but snakker has become the more commonly used word in Danish over the years, as "taler" is the common in swedish for 'speak'.

Apparently swedish also has a word like snakker, but it is now regarded as archaic and not used anymore.


Isn't snakke the informal whereas taler is more formal, much as speak is to chat in english.


This is exactly the same explanation that I've heard. As it's been explained to me, snakker is closer to the english word chat. (I think I remember seeing someone explain that the danish word for gossip or small talk or something utilizes the verb snakke). Taler on the other hand is more like the english word speak; a little more formal.


I could have sworn she said "De hører et hund snakker dansk"


But then I remembered it's 'en hund'


I live in Denmark and as i heard they use snakke or taler there's no difference


Why is "they hear her speak Danish" wrong?


I assume it's because there is no object pronoun, and also because "at" is untranslated in your sentence.


you need the word "at" meaning "that" in this situation because it comes after a verb although it is usually implied and therefore it is not always written or spoken


Typed in Danish and it says I typed in English


From what I have been told and understand snakke=talk and taler=speak. In english they are interchangeable with speak being more formal just like in Danish.


I have great trouble differentiating between det and de when spoken. Is it just me?

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