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"Han spiser frugt om formiddagen."

Translation:He eats fruit in the morning.

September 4, 2014



Kinda off-topic: Forenoon! I have wondered forever why the english language doesn't have a word for our german "Vormittag" (or the danish formiddag) and now I have found it! I did a bit of research and apparently people stopped using it around 1800 or something, but it exists and that makes me a very happy person.


I'd never understood why our words 'morning' and 'afternoon' were so different.


Me neither. I was thinking it should be "beforenoon", but I guess it's "forenoon."


If I'm being specific I just use late morning.


You are absolutely right. and this term is in common use, so for anyone wanting the equivalent of formiddag in English in common use today, the term late morning sounds perfectly normal in modern English, not archaic at all, even and is widely known regardless of region, even if most people tend not to worry about specifying:)


I thought you said "hate morning for a sec." Me too on what you actually said and what I thought you said!


I didn't know my language had that! Cool word. In modern usage, I think "late morning" is the closest of common phrases, if that helps.


Now "om" is getting all over the place! "In, around, about"!


formiddag is not quite morning (morgenen) in my opinion... and is anyone really using forenoon in english ??


The word "forenoon" is archaic, so it is rarely used in everyday English (N. America). Perhaps it is still used in legal and nautical contexts.

I saw "forenoon" used in the timetable for (Indian) civil service exams - the "forenoon session" goes from 9:30am to 12:30pm.


I would say midmorning to mean around 10am. But I wouldn't use it that often I guess.


It accepts before noon but not before midday - why?


Does anyone ever say this?


The tips section used the word "pre-noon", but it is not accepted in the lesson, ah well, I'm a bit sad, I was so sure about this...


Why is it wrong to say before midday?


I got this right. Your correction was wrong of fornoon. Your suggested translation states the morning. Please correct. Thanks.


"Forenoon". Like "forearm" or "before". According to Xneb downstairs it should be accepted. (Even though nobody uses it anymore.)

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