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"Min onkel har en historisk motorcykel og en moderne båd."

Translation:My uncle has a historical motorcycle and a modern boat.

September 4, 2014


[deactivated user]

    would "historisk" here translate better to "vintage"?


    I agree that "historical" is awkward.


    then antique should be accepted too. report it, they have to add every possible variable manually.


    And why is "historic" permitted up until this point, but now it requires "historical"? I'm here to learn Danish but apparently my English grammar is also under review!


    Historic was accepted for me. Of course, I don't know when you posted this, since on mobile it doesn't allow me to see how old a comment is.


    the correct written English is 'AN historical etc


    *A historic :-)


    Also got an error on "vintage", which I believe is more correct.


    I rather suspect that the writing of these examples are a bit fuzzy on the difference in meaning between the words "historical" (of of pertaining to history) and "historic" (historically important). So, "historical archives" would be where stuff pertaining to history is stored. "Historic archives" would be a bit odd but might mean that the archives themselves were important to history--as perhaps the first fully digital archive.


    I rather suspect that the writing of these examples was not done or proofread by native English speakers!


    Duo, there is no "typo" when the English translation is "an historical..." While some people would like "an" prefacing "historical" deemed archaic, it is not; it's still proper English. "A historical," while admittedly being forced into use in casual speech, is actually improper English.


    Moderne udtales med tryk på der. Ikke mooooderne , men moDERne


    typical and grammatically correct English would have "an" not "a" here.


    Hej Donna. I have been searching the net, libraries and info from experienced English teachers. As yet I have found no source to grammar about "an hotel" being the correct expression, only "a hotel". Please could you, as I have asked many times, tell me about a reliable source which states "an hotel" is the correct version. Thanks in advance.


    Just go to London and in your best cockney accent ask the taxi driver to "take me to an 'otel".

    This is the only time that I can think of, where it this works as it rolls off the tongue better regardless of (correct) grammar rules ;)


    Yes, I know of the speech habits throughout the UK. As it has been mentioned many times before, "A" before a stressed "H", and "An" before an unstressed "H". Furthermore, you don't have to just visit London; dropping H's is very common in the UK, but you will find that it applies only in speech, and then only as a speech trait and never as a rule.


    Surely historical motorcycle should rather be just an old motorcycle, unless it is antique. Then it really would be historical.


    historical and motorcycle should not be next to eachother in a sentence


    I put vintage - better translation to English

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