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  5. "Sé bliana."

" bliana."

Translation:Six years.

September 4, 2014



I haven't seen numbers yet, why is it giving me this?


Please refer to my reply to chobbit for an explanation.


Could you please post a link? That would be helpful


It's in this thread - just scroll down a bit. :)


Numbers one to six lenite so how come it's not sé bhliana?


Why is it bliana instead of blianta? Do plurals go through changes when counted?


https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ga/Numbers which you probably have reached by now ;-)

bliana is one of the overall exceptions, as outlined by UaSirideáin.

Still if it were not an exception, it would not be plural after number, but rather singular, e.g. "sé madra" rather than a plural form.


Numbers is 15 skills away for me... I can't even see the lesson without it being unlocked. >.>


Same here. Duolingo doesn't fully understand that some words have different meanings, so it looks for phrases where you've already seen all words, and "sé" does feature very early on - just not in the numeric sense. Hence it can show up early. It's a "feature" in all courses, and a minor annoyance, but oh well. :)


Think about it this way: seeing things that you don't understand periodically makes you think and ponder on it, so when you see the pattern 15 lessons later you'll have that moment of "click, i get it!" Rather than having to learn a wholely new concept


That threw me, as I remember that numbers take singular. So blian is an exception


Sé doesn't say six instead it says it


can mean "he", "it" or "six".

only means "he" or "it" after a verb, but in front of a noun, as in this case, it means "six".


But for those who haven't reached the "Numbers" skill yet, it would be helpful if the rollover indicated that "six" was also a meaning of "sé."


Cold this be used to tell someone how old you are?


You wouldn't normally use this to say how old you are in English or in Irish. In English, you would usually say "I'm 6", "I'm six years old" or "I'm six years of age". In Irish, you would usually say tá mé sé bliana d'aois, though tá mé a sé can also be used (and tá mé 6 is read as tá mé a sé).


"bliaina" Why is there a slender vowel on one side of the "n" and a broad on the other?


I think you may have misread - it's bliain in the singular, but bliana in the plural.


I put double 'n' in bliana, but it didn't mark it wrong, or even as a typo. I'm starting not to have confidence in things that are passed as correct, because sometimes I realise they weren't. I know it can be demotivating to have minor faults marked wrong. But equally, I don't think Duo should be letting us think misspellings are fine, as we'll go on to repeat them in future. Yes, I did report it.

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