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Translating Words That DuoLingo Doesn't Recognize

"Yo no termino de verlo claro, por mucho que molen los Sims."

The above sentence is the finale excerpt from the Las Chicas son Guerreras.

A trivial piece about a survey claiming that women play more video games then men do...

The word "Molen" was not translated by the Duolingo system. leading people to be so far off that I want even get started

A quick browse through the web led me to a Spanish site that interpret slang words to English as well.

Basically it means that you really dig something... you think it is ThE BoMb.

So... when you encounter this "Problem", Get Creative. Find a solution.!.

One other thing though... Notice that the verb is "Molar" and is conjugated here to "Molen", Which is Obviously - Ellos / Ellas / Ustedes. Thus referring to the girls that play video games.. Meaning that - Even though he has no clear conclusion (regarding the survey..) he "Knows" They (the girls) Love / Dig The Sims (A Video Game)...

To Conclude: 1. Find Answers Yourselves.!. 2. Remember The Conjugations.!. 3. Enjoy.

April 24, 2012



Isn't 'Los Sims' the subject of 'molen'? i.e. "however much the Sims might rock?"

See http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/molar


A Language is the Reflection of It's Culture.!. If you don't Understand the Culture, You will always be Lost in Translation.!.


Yeah! that's also an option!! If he refers to Los Sims as They?? Shouldn't it be The Sims?? Great Stuff!

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