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"De vrouwen zullen hebben besloten het niet te proberen."

Translation:The women will have decided not to try it.

September 4, 2014



What is the infinief of "besloten"???


could "om" be used here?


yep --> "De vrouwen zullen hebben besloten om het niet te proberen."


I can see that "the women wil have decided not to try" is formally wrong, however, minor spelling errors are often overlooked by duolingo, then sometimes they aren't.

Could someone illuminate me how this works? Do moderators have to add any possible spelling error by hand or is there some internal mechanism that just happens to fail on occasion? Considering that in the Italian tree, some "minor spelling errors" I made were actual grammar errors, distinguishing between number and gender, for example, I thought this might work automatically, but cases like this one make me doubt that.

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