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"De rustige jongens lezen een boek."

Translation:The quiet boys are reading a book.

September 4, 2014



Example #8493 of how i can't spell in even my native language "quite" instead of quiet xP


So, I understand that this is a cognate of "Ruhig" of German, so what are the words for "Leise" and "Still"?


maybe it means that if you are calm, you are rusty ^^ well, or they are the opposite of "restless"

(no "Wer rastet, der rostet" reference neccessarily intended, but rather because it sounds and reads like "rusty")

but yes, it contains "rest" (not as in "remnant", but.. pause)

and so "rustical" might want to indicate introvertedness

instead of again giving any unqualified comments such as "Die rostigen Jungens LaZeRn 'nen Bock."

yikes.. I just did, though -.-

(would be counterproductive if they rusted and also if they don't put the gun to non-vaporize, respectively if they caused the wool to regrow worse... weaker... and less)


Okay , completely missed that this is a cognate of Ruhig. I read it as Rustic, or rural; and, rural ain't necessarily quiet.


Even worse for me, I read "rostig". The rusty children.


Cognate with "rustic" for English speakers who are wondering


How do you pronounce "rustige"?


is the same at reading not just read


I understand the English to mean that several boys are reading one book between them or one book each, so the English can be misleading. Does Dutch have the same problem?


Why is "The quiet boys read a book" not accepted?

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