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"Mijn hond zit naast me en kijkt televisie."

Translation:My dog sits next to me and watches television.

September 4, 2014



can't you also say "looks at television"? Also can't "naast" also mean "near"


Could I not also translate this as : "my dog is next to me and watches television"?

.. because 'zit' is often translated into English as the verb 'to be'.


In this sentence this doesn't really work. It's a very defined sentence, the dog is actually sitting. So you lose information (on the position of the dog) when you translate to to be. I would only translate to to be when 'vague' forms of zitten are used, such as de hond zit te spelen (the dog is playing) or de hond zit de restjes op te eten (the dog is eating the left overs). You can recognise this other use of zitten because it is linked to things usually not done in a sitting position.


Does televisie has a common abbreviation (TV? Tele?) in Dutch, similar to other languages?


tv- if I'm remembering my alphabet pronunciation right it sounds like...tay fee. If my tutor's any indication though, I think televisie is more common...


Doesn't 'kijkt' look rather than watch? Look and watch have somewhat different meanings. Is the dog really watching the TV or is he looking at it?


Both 'looking' and 'watching' can be translated with 'kijken'


Can I not say that "my dog sits by me and..."


Yes of course that is the common expression used in England. When Duo engages some native British English speakers these discrepancies will disappear.

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