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"Børnene leger på torvet."

Translation:The children are playing in the square.

4 years ago



What's the difference between "torvet" and "pladsen"? They both mean "square"

3 years ago


I didn't find a direct answer to this question but here are some synonyms for both Plads = place, position, seat, square, location, spot, plaza, public square, place to sit Turv = square, marketplace (outdoor, open space), fair, bazaar Apparently "pladsen" means more than just the square, it's a generic term And turv refers to an openspaced area in the city where you can have a market or a fair

1 year ago

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ON the square is marked as wrong in this sentence one even though it´s the "right" preposition in the sentence ..."dinner ON the square". Bestem er.

4 years ago


På does translate to on, but you wouldn't use on as the preposition in English in this case though.

3 weeks ago


As LunaticTramp asks: what's the difference between 'torvet' and 'pladsen' please?

2 years ago


I always thought pladsen meant the place

11 months ago


Yeah me too. What's the difference actually?

6 months ago