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A humble suggestion to the Danish Contributors..

I think the "Plurals" topic is better placed before the "Definites" topic instead of after it. We learn a lot of plural definites in the "Definites" topic which would be easier if the "Plurals" topic came before the "Definites".

For eg: once we learn plurals we would be more accustomed to whether the suffix is "-e" or "-er" is used for the words that are taught and hence the "Definites" topic will be much easier to tackle.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank bjarkehs, runem and sofiadcs for the wonderful and fun course they have put up for us!

EDIT: I know people can choose to do the Plurals first as they are both in the same row, but structure-wise it may look discontinuous! Sorry if this is nit-picking!

September 4, 2014



Thank you for your suggestion! And thank you for your praise :)

We were actually talking about this in the very beginning of making the course, with the same arguments as you are making now. The main issue is, that we would have to "push down" all the following skills to create a new "row" to fit the Plurals skill on. However, the checkpoints would not (as it is now) move down with them, leaving very few skills before the first checkpoint, and a lot of skills after the last one. And the tree is already very heavy at the end :)

Alternatively, the Definites skill could share the row with Genitives. I have to be honest and say that I do not currently remember the arguments against that :) There might be some conflicts between words introduced.

On a whole different level, I'm not sure whether it's actually possible for us to move around skills now that we're in beta. But I think so.

I will discuss it with the other contributors again!


Thank you! I understand the difficulties. It's really not that big a deal. Now, i really do feel like I've been nit-picking. ;)


Hey there! Thank you for bringing this up. However there is a very specific reason why it is placed where it is. It is almost impossible to place Plurals earlier since we don't want to introduce the concept of singular at the time as plural, which only leaves us with moving Definites down. The problem is that we want to be able to use Definites in the Genitive lesson. And if you ask me it is kind of crammed to put both Genitive and Possessive Pronouns at the same skill level. But to sum up, Plurals cannot really be earlier, but we can move Definites down if we then move everything else down, and then people are stuck with quite a few rows of single skills, which locks them down and might seem demotivating.

If you have a solid solution to this then I'd be happy to hear about it :)


We replied at the exact same time? People will never believe that we're two different people now...


Haha.. But we totally are two different people. I promise!


Hmmm I have my doubts about it being two people...I have only ever seen Bjarke in the Skype chat. Lol. ;)


I understand now, Bjarkehs. Thanks for the clarification. Now, let me get back to that bombastic course I was talking about! :D

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