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"He shows her a dress and she gets it."

Translation:Han viser hende en kjole og hun får den.

September 4, 2014



Why is it "den" and not "det" ?


I would also like to know :-)


Maybe I know now. She gets the dress, "it" refers to the dress, a dress is "en kjole", so it is not neutral, I assume that is why it is "den" and not "det". I think if the sentence was "he shows her a mirror and she gets it", it would be "han viser hende et spejl og hun får det"


What would "do you get it?" be?



  • "Forstår du det?" if you mean understand.
  • "Får du det(/den)?" if you mean receive (unlikely, because the English you have provided is contextually wrong for this). (Further, I suspect får can’t be used to mean something like understand in the way that get can in English.)

See also:

bab.la also (for catch-on) suggests:

... but be aware that none of the examples given there seem quite to cover the meaning of catching-on.

Disclaimer: I am a beginner in Danish. So we can both only hope I have not provided inaccurate translations and usage comments.


Thanks so much! :D Have a lingot! :D


Two sentences were equal, so what to do???

[deactivated user]

    What får means? Get has so many meanings in English...


    Can’t we say ‘Han viser en kjole til hende’ ?

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