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On 'Select the missing word' questions, choices are missing.

I have been using duoLingo for a few weeks now, but just started having this problem today. Often when I encounter 'Select the missing word' questions, the correct choice is missing from the list. At other times, the list is completely empty except for the 'select word' choice. Is anyone else having this issue? It does not seem to be specific to any one language, as I've encountered this problem for Italian, Portuguese, and German today.

September 4, 2014



I've been doing Spanish for sometime now and have encountered this exact problem for the very first time today also. It's quite annoying as I am unable to complete any exercises. Are you using an Apple device?


This is a continuing problem for me as well. As a workaround just hit key #1, 2,3 until you luck into the correct response. It is unsatisfactory and will destroy any correct answer streak, but at least you are able to complete the lesson.


Words missing from questions french unable to select answer


So how can it be rectified I have reported about 20 times inc screen shots but all I get is a standard reply and no help whatsoever I am using an ipad


This happened to me for the first time today - 'Select missing word' had no options to select, no capacity to enter text. I am unable to complete a lesson. Anybody else?


This is happening to me too, on the select the word questions, there is no word to select. I'm studying, or trying to study, Italian. Super frustrating as I can't complete the lesson.


This is happening to me as well... do not know how to remedy. (I am using an iPad.)


The same problem. I am studying Russian with MacBook Pro. Frustrating.


I have been having this problem for some time now on my iphone. I have to just keep guessing until I get the right answer by chance.

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