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"Die Akademie ist sieben Jahre alt."

Translation:That academy is seven years old.

September 4, 2014



Why does it translate die as that? am I missing something?


Scroll down past the demonstrative pronoun to the demonstrative adjectives: http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-german/that


Is it "academy" in the same sense as in the UK (a Free School, or independent college) or as in Romania (an official association of scholars)?


If there's no clear explanation of the reason it's interpreted as 'That'. Is it open to interpretation based on context?


Yes I think they are just teaching that the definite article can also be translated in English as "that" according to context.


Aww nur ein Junge!


it is not correct


should have been the academy


Is this "academy" as in, say, a prep school? Or is this more like a "program" or "institute" within a university?


According to Langensheidt, this can be a higher education institute (not secondary school) or an association of learned people. I have never heard of a prep school being called an academy.


I went to a school called Colby Academy when I was younger. The sign outside said "Colby Academy College Prep." I don't think that the latter part was a formal part of the institution's name, since it was referred to in general as Colby Academy, but it was certainly a prep school.


Ich habe Die Akademie ist zehn Jahre alt. gehört. Können Sie bitte entweder die Aussprache dieser Übung reparieren oder diese Antwort zusetzen?


Answer was there


It should indeed be 'The academy' and not 'That academy'


Answer was tgere


When we talk about age, my teacher suggested me to put years without "s", as it it used as an adjective. " The academy is seven year old". Why duolingo didn't accept me then this translation??


I think your teacher meant when an age is used as an adjective before a noun, for example "The 25-year-old woman is a model."


i think like this too...


There is a film called "The Seven-Year Itch". You can also say "six-string guitar", "five-year plan", "four-wheel drive", "three-piece suit", "two-time loser", and so on. The hyphen is sometimes omitted. But in all of these cases, there is a noun.

In your sentence, "old" is not a noun, rather it's an adjective. So you'd say "seven years old" or "eight miles high" or "six feet deep", and so on.


Or six foot tall, six foot two, and others that have come up with other exercises. Not everything conforms to a rule, but we'd always use the plurals in those examples with "years old." It could be misleading in other cases, where they might be one of several accepted options, not all of which conform to the rules.

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