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"Glaoimid na cailíní mar ritheann siad."

Translation:We call the girls because they run.

September 4, 2014



The voice seems to read "glaoimid ar na cailíní", and that makes sense to me. Is there a mistake in the sentence?


I hear it too—and certainly there's been an "ar" every other time we've seen this verb...


There is an "ar" in the spoken sentence. When raised previously, we were told that Glaonn is a verb that exists as a two parter and is always "glaonn...ar" when you are calling to someone or on someone.


glaoimid na cailíní doesn't work in any context, it is downright wrong. its definitely glaoimid ar na cailíní


maybe they run because we call?


I was thinking maybe in terms of children. Your girls are out running and you call them telling them supper's ready or something.


definitely an error, there should be an 'ar' in there with Glaoimid, I am going to report it in the reporting box, as comments in here do not get noticed in same way by the mods

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