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Stuck on adverbs

I've been stuck on adverbs for a while . I recognise I need to practice these but am struggling with motivation due to failing. I wish I could have more smaller chunks of learning when that happens, so that I get some sense of success . It feels like there are two many new words in too many new sentence constructions to assimilate in one go.

May 29, 2013



Yes, adverbs are tough. I scraped through them in French by writing the sentences down with their translations. I didn't copy and paste because writing with my own hand makes me remember better.

I learned a lot of adverbs later while reading books, so it is not really a big deal if you don't learn them very well on Duolingo. Pass the lessons as you can and move on if adverbs are taking too much of your effort.


Thanks for this feedback. That is a skill we'll be working on. We want you to keep learning and moving along the tree (we promise!) :) We're always evaluating the best way to learn a specific skill and at what point in the tree, and this happens to be one that we're looking at closely.

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