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  5. "Tá na péitseoga aici."

" na péitseoga aici."

Translation:She has the peaches.

September 4, 2014



When your sound stops working -_-


Always reminds me of "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band, "really love your peaches ... want to shake your tree."

"Ta me gra do peitseoga ..." That's as far as I can puzzle out so far, is it right? Maybe another couple of months I'll take a stab at " ... I want to shake your tree."


Let me know when you learn how to say ''the pompitous of love''.



Is breá liom do chuid péitseoga

Tá fonn agam do chrann a croitheadh.

Kind of works ...


5 times it took to get it right... The first was She has peaches, then She have peaches, also She has the..., She the peaches, then Peaches....... I gave up after that :b


how do you tell the difference between peitseog and pheitseog (I don't have accents)? I thought the h came from there being na or an before the noun, but that isn't true here. Does it have something to do with the gender of the noun, and if so, how to you tell what gender the noun is?


Here it's neither, it's peitseoga. An is one of many words which causes lenition, if you'll read the tips on the desktop version, but not na. Someone told me that words ending in eog are usually feminine.


The sound is not workning :(


The sentence is written in Gaelige , but it says write the sentence in Irish. It is clnfusing. What does this mean?


Ag magadh atá tú, go súrailte, a chara. Bhí mo sheanmháthair freisin deisbhéalach, íse féin.


Cruthaíonn an abairt sin íomhá álainn i m'intinn.


What is the difference between peitseoga and pheitseoga? Also, peitseog and pheitseog? They don't seem to follow the lenition rules I've seen before.

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