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  5. "Vi kigger på de blå dyr."

"Vi kigger de blå dyr."

Translation:We are looking at the blue animals.

September 5, 2014



Question: how do we know that "animals" is plural in this sentence? Both blå and dyr stay the same between singular and plural


The "de" lets you know that "dyr" is plural. If it were the singular "animal", the sentence would be "Vi kigger på det blå dyr."


I have trouble hearing the difference between "de" and "det" when I'm listening to DuoLingo. It's especially tough here because nothing else in the sentence changes to give a clue between singular and plural.


De has a longer vowel sound than det. You can listen to the difference if you click on the links on the words, but de sounds like it should be spelt "di" and det sounds like it should be "deh"

[deactivated user]

    It does, but it is very difficult to hear the difference! Danish is a minefield of unpronounced consonants!


    Would 'ser' work here also?


    Why can't this be "we look for the blue animals"?


    That would be "Vi søger/leder efter de blå dyr"


    Would that also mean "We look after the blue animals" as in we watch over them?

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