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"Je rijdt jouw motorfiets als een baas."

Translation:You ride your motorcycle like a boss.

September 5, 2014



Is "like a boss" really a phrase in Dutch?


It's slang if you ask me, but it's a funny sentence. :)


Would the average Dutch man or woman understand this as its English equivalent? (which is actually really funny) For example, my parents aren't especially hip, but they would understand the phrase "like a boss". This phrase is back in in America--we say it all the time.


Sentences like this one can very well be borrowed and translated from the English equivalent. But even with the excellent level of English of the average Dutch person, I don't think a significant percentage is aware of the latest English slang and trendy words. At least when I see this sentence no English reference crosses my mind, I just 'get' the meaning in Dutch.


For the English reference, look up Lonely Island's "Like a Boss" (from Saturday Night Live). I'd link it but it's a bit inappropriate.


I think you mean Saturday Night Live :)


@ehollander, thanks, midnight typos.


Great explanation. Thanks.

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It was for some time (both Dutch and English 'version'), but nowadays, I don't hear it anymore.


Now this is the kind of stuff I love about duolingo :)


TIL: Dutch bikers are 14 year olds from 2008.


TIL you might have been an 8-year-old 6 months ago.


This sentence cracked me up. In Holland we would never say that, we would say "Jij/Je rijdt jouw motorfiets als een boss"

[deactivated user]

    The same here Laurens777. You look like a fool when you would use this sentence. Also, one never uses 'motorfiets' anymore. Instead, you'd beter say 'Jij bent jouw motor de baas' or 'Jij rijdt motor als de beste'.


    You used the same sentence as the one above that as the substitute?

    [deactivated user]

      Hi Schiffmeister, yes I offered better substitutes because you never use 'als een baas' in Dutch (and neither 'als een boss', which sounds like 'als een bos' (as a forest) to a Dutch person). If you mean by 'You ride your motorcycle like a boss' that you are driving a motorcycle very well, use 'Jij rijdt motor als de beste'. And if you want to say that you are really in control of your motorcycle, use 'Jij bent jouw motor de baas'.

      The word 'bazig' (bossy) you do use, but more to describe social behavior: 'Hij is echt bazig' (He is really bossy').


      Awesome. Thanks for clarifying!


      She said "boss" instead of "baas". I guess that makes a difference somehow.


      ik zou nooit boss gebruiken ipv baas, 't klinkt gewoon dom om een Engels woord te gebruiken als er een veelgebruikt Nederlands woord voor is...


      Toen ik nog in Nederland woonde gebruikte ik en mijn vrienden aardig veel Engelse woorden en ik denk zelf dat het aan de situatie ligt of je "baas" of "boss" gebruikt. Ik zelf heb ze allebij gebruikt.


      Ik gebruik ook veel Engelse woorden, maar Engelse zinnen vernederlandsen gebeurt ook vaak


      Here at the Veluwe I hear 'als een baas' more often than 'als een boss'.


      Dat komt waarshijnlijk omdat niemand op de veluwen engels spreekt. jullie zijn zo afgelegen ;P het komt meer voor in de grotere steden dat engelse woorden worden gebruikt.


      I would say that it is a weird sentence - definitely not standard Dutch (at least I haven't heard it). May indeed be slang, but does not seem suitable for a beginning Dutch learner


      I think it's just one of Duolingo's many jokes!


      In English 'like a boss' would probably be understood by most people, but it is so outdated that to use it, other than ironically, would be embarrassing. I feel this is worth mentioning, lest any non-native speakers be misled.


      I wouldn't say it's "outdated" it's just no longer trendy as a few years have passed.


      Motorbike is not accepted ??? C'mon !!!


      I know they toss in silly sentences...is this a one of them, or would actual Dutch speakers use 'like a boss' slangily to mean 'very well' or 'with great skill'?


      the same as "like a boss" in English.


      Weird sentence. Does it mean 'You ride your motorcycle just like a boss would do (the same style of riding) or as proud, arrogant or selfconfident like a boss would do? Especcially bankers with enormous fees and bonusses? I just wonder...


      "like a boss" is English slang for doing something really well with style. Like you're the boss of the situation. It's most often used in situations that no one would be the boss of: "You ate that pancake like a boss" "You took that math test like a boss"


      is this meant to be derogatory? Or could it mean that you are a 'master' i.e. very good at cycling.


      More or less the latter, but somewhat sarcastically, borrowing from the English "like a boss" coined in 2005 by Slim Thug and parodied by The Lonely Island (Saturday Night Live).


      Does 'like a boss' have a special meaning in Dutch?


      Never heard the term in English. Is it a real thing to say in Dutch?


      Does it mean "like a crazy person", that I would understand.


      One might say "like a real dude" or "like an ace." But "like a boss," no.


      I refer you to the thelonelyisland song “like a boss”.

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