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Luis is doing an AMA! If you have any burning questions about Duolingo, now is the perfect time to ask them.

May 29, 2013


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Could You make Duolingo a bit more aggressive?

All of my lessons are now gold, and even if i don't practice anything in days, they remain at the same level.

I am pretty sure, that i don't know many of the words i learned weeks ago. But this new system (if everything stays on the top level) doesn't motivate me to go back, and repeat the previous lessons.

You could create an option, which when checked, would decrease the lesson knowledge level automatically, when not logged in for several days?


I posted a discussion about that a little while ago - http://duolingo.com/#/comment/403879 I think allowing each user to choose how fast/slow their words decay would be great. I want my words to decay very quickly so I am forced to regularly practice all aspects of my learning. I want to be fighting to keep them gold, not sitting around waiting for them to decay slowly.


I agree, I've been slacking recently and my profile really doesn't reflect this. I appreciate some might not want their achievements decaying so quickly though perhaps it could be a setting per user to have a standard decay rate or an accelerated one for those of us who would prefer a little more encouraged reinforcement?


Yes, please add rust and decay. Learning needs polishing.


No Mandarin for a while it seems :(


I submitted several feedbacks already. i get it you guys are really busy. But one thing which is really frustrating, if i use app offline, no coins/lessons count, when i get online, everything back to how it was the last time i got online. which means i could practice it on my way to work/home as i use ipod touch. really appreciate it if you could improve it


Hi Chambledore,

Offline mode does have a known bug that causes your progress to not sync. It will be fixed in the next update. In the meantime, however, there is a workaround. If you do some lessons offline and it doesn't sync when you return to the app and you're online, go into your device's settings, turn on airplane mode, return to the app, then go back to settings, turn off airplane mode, and return to the app again. This should force the app to sync your progress.

Thanks for your patience, and keep an eye out for the next update.


I think if you are using the app offline then you need to connect the device to the internet so that it can "sync" with your online information. This should then update the website so when you go on the changes are made. If you don't connect the app to the internet to "sync" it will have no way of telling the website that you have completed any lessons.


On the French, could you add gender to the dictionary hints of the nouns. When I run the cursor over the nouns, I get the word for it, but not the gender and it would help me to learn the gender better. Thanks. You guys do a wonderful job. I enjoy Duolingo.


Gender always gets me too! I would like gender hints, but is that making it too easy? I do hate it when i fail to gain points because i forgot beer was female.


I found out about Duolingo through this AMA! Thank you!


You know what all I can say is Duolingo really works


when new languages? say mandrin, russien, swedish, etc


Is duolingo available in German? (i.e. German knowing learning Spanish, English and so on?)


Overall, Duolingo is amazing. Free language learning online - The best thing that happened to the internet in recent times! My request is that I would like more explainations built into the lessons, like I experienced early on in the french lessons. Explainations like, "le becomes to l' before a word with a vowel' were helpful. Grammar gets more complex in later lessons, and built in explainations would be great. I know there's always the discussion, which is good but doesn't always clarify completely. Also, 'Discuss sentence' is not available on the iPhone app. Is this going to be added sometime?


I am just starting this program. The screen comes up with a picture of a man woman and child and down at the bottom there are two choices either "check" or "continue". No matter which one I click nothing happens. How can I use this program?

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