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  5. "Everything is going well."

"Everything is going well."

Translation:Alles gaat goed.

September 5, 2014



Difference between alles and alle?


Alle is all, alles is everything


but here in netherlands usually i hear " alles goed? and as answer: ja alles goed" so why ??


My guess is that it's equivalent to "all good" in that case, like "How is it going, friend?" - "All good, thanks!"


That's like the English
Everything ok?/alright
Just short for is everything (going) ok.

Or just the even shorter english


Is it ever correct to say 'Alles is goed' for "Everything is going well" or can it only be "Alles gaat goed?"


It's unusual to say Alles is goed, maybe it can be used for some static situation, but right now I can't think of a situation in which I would use it. Alles gaat goed is a very common sentence. Gaat indicates the way it is going now in contrast to is which is a fixed state. In other words everything changes all the time, but this is the way it currently is going.


I think alles is goed is a perfectly normal term.

You can be asked gaat alles goed ór is alles goed. The 2nd one is mainly to ask if you are OK, as in you just tripped. The 1st sentence can also mean a general how are

People can ask hoe is het as well as hoe gaat het. You can add "met je" (or other personal pronouns) to both sentences. Which turns how are you into how are you doing. So from a greeting more towards an actual inquirement

(however some people mix em up. You can take as a general rule that any of those sentences is usually meant as a greeting, they wouldn't expect you to say anything but fine how are you. So don't start complaining about things, unless it's the weather ofcourse ;) )


I've heard natives talked like that before, I assume they meant everything is good instead of everything is going well, since they basically have same meaning.


Sort of yes. But you reply is with is and gaat with gaat.

Hoe gaat t? Het gaat goed
Hoe is t? Goed.
(You would leave out the is)

Is alles goed? Ja alles is goed/ok. (Ik ben ok)
Gaat alles goed? Ja alles gaat goed/ t gaat goed.


Could you ever say "Alles goed." as a statement? Perhaps in response to "Alles goed?", for example?


Why is it "gaat" and not "gaan" please?


Same reason why in English it is is and not are.


Gaan are used for plural subjects, for example, we gaan naar holland.


You would need a time machine then to go to the county of Holland, hasn't been around for several centuries.


These short sentences impede other choices, e.g. "Alles draait goed". One can imagine a situation where this translation is better applicable than the general "Alles gaat goed".


In short:.

Alles draait goed=

  • Everything is turning well
    (Literal moving parts)

  • Everything is making a profit.
    (The bussinesses are. Could be the lemonade stands too, anything at a fair/market that can make money)


Hmm draait is extremely specific. And means everything is turning well. I can only think of one situation, besides a literal "are all the wheels turning ok?"

How are all of your businesses.
Because a business runs well= een zaak/bedrijf draait goed. (However loopt would be the preferred choice). I think it comes from it turns a profit. (It could be well-oiled like loopt/runs. However draait is only used for economy and something that can make/turn a profit.)

It would be very unusal to say (if it is actually used). You can/could hear de zaak draait goed. In a specific (and usualy singular) way. I'm making a good profit. Alles is pretty unspecific.

Sorry if this comment is a bit messy. Usually I edit it to make it more cohesive and understandable at a glance (overzichtelijk). Not type it like you would talk about it in a conversation.

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