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How to tell if an Irish noun is feminine (or not)???

I read the note on Lenition, and I was extremely confused. I understand it somewhat and when it's used, but my problem is figuring out how to determine if lenition is needed or not. Can someone elaborate?

September 5, 2014



It's a good idea to always attribute sources. That comes from this page: http://www.nualeargais.ie/foghlaim/nouns.php


Thank you! I will be referencing this a lot.


As part of another project, I've done a statistical analysis of the 4,000 most commonly used nouns to surface which endings crop up the most for either masculine or feminine, and ordered it by the most indicative endings (hint: -cht for female, -án for male): It might be useful for someone: https://github.com/eoghanmurray/lookup-irish/#typical-masculinefeminine-endings

You can also see that for a number of the endings, the exceptions are often short words (for -cht, lucht & ocht are masculine etc.)

Incidentally I started with the nualearais one but found the declension aspect unhelpful, and the idea of an 'abstract noun' too subtle for my brain.

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