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  5. "The man and the woman"

"The man and the woman"

Translation:Manden og kvinden

September 5, 2014



Well it is not confusing because two exampels when you say en mand then put the en in the back of mand then their manden and also when you say a house and the house it is et hus then put et in the back of hus then their huset very easy


Life becomes more difficult when you try to learn two similar languages like danish and Swedish.


ahh Manden means 'the man' rather than 'THE man'!


I am not sure what you mean by that, but the word "the" is confusing in Danish.


In Swedish (a close-related language to Danish) "the" is an ending of the word telling that it is THAT man (manden), and not someone else. It is pointing out who it is.


The exact same applies for Danish. 'Mand-en' '-en' tells us that we're talking about THIS specific man.


I know this because i live in denmark now but i was born in my mom's country and my dad is danish so i know lots of words and sentences i am just a kid


How to pronunciate "kvinde"?


"How to pronounce..." is what is correct in English..

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