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"Abbiamo avuto ospiti per cena ieri."

May 29, 2013



what is called "present perfect" in English is known as the "passato prossimo" (recent past) in Italian. You might consider it as an action that is "presently perfected"--that is, completed. A very brief explanation is here: http://italian.about.com/od/verbs/a/italian-verbs-present-perfect-tense.htm


If they named the lesson "Recent Past" or even "Presently Perfected", as you suggest, then that would clear up a lot of confusion. When English speakers see the word "Present", it means "now", never "past". I struggled through the lesson by translating sentences in the present tense that they seemed to be in, and then applied the past tense to my answer. Very tricky.


This section is "Present Perfect", correct?

How is the word "had" considered to be "Present Perfect"? "Had" is past tense, not present. I have the same problem with "came", in another sentence. "Come" is present tense, "Came" is past tense. I don't know what "Present Perfect" tense is, obviously.

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